"It's a brave woman who, in these dietarily correct times, not only writes a book called Fat, but has on its cover an edifice of raw cutlets, their glossy red flesh flanked with a thick white stripe of the stuff. But this is surely a book worth writing; it is certainly a book worth reading. I loved Jennifer McLagan's first book, Bones, and this follow-up is no disappointment. The recipes are fabulously greed-inducing (grilled steak with red wine sauce and bone marrow, lard-fried choux paste beignets, salted butter tart are top of my to-do list right now) the writing, while it has a light touch, is firm and compelling. In the gentlest possible way, she not so much defends her subject, as champions it - and with charm and elegance to boot. As the introduction promises: 'This is not simply a cookbook. These pages are larded with the history and culture of fat...'"

— Nigella Lawson